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Thread: Rear seat delete

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    Rear seat delete

    Has anyone performed a rear seat delete on the new Veloster yet?

    How much weight savings is there?

    I'm not a Veloster owner, but have done a rear seat delete on my previous two 2-door hatchbacks, installing a flat loading floor to give a huge trunk while reducing weight (Ford Focus, Fiat Abarth). The design lending itself to a delete would be a huge selling point for me in either a R-spec or N.

    Something like this (this is previous gen though):
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    Not sure. Maybe 40-50 lbs tops?
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    50lbs would be pretty light if you're including the belts and brackets, but that's still about a free 5hp, which is all most intakes are going to give you, but mostly I like how much more you can fit since folding seats rarely fold perfectly flat and thus end up actually taking up quite a bit of room compared to a true flat floor.

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    I am doing one now on my 16 RSpec . I pulled the seats out and the whole thing weighs about 30 lbs. Building a 5/8" flat floor over the area and up close to the front seats with them all the way back in normal driving position. The floor unit will weigh about the same as my seat components so no real weight saving. Putting the seats in storage and leaving the seat belts in just in case I go to sell it someday. I will post pictures, measurements and process when I am done. I have done this on a few other vehicles in the past.
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    The back seat itself is pretty light already. If you remove the seats and the seat belt with mounts then maybe 50lbs give or take. There is no need unless your racing. But if that's the case, remove the right passenger seat as well plus the spare or inflator kit from the back plus get a carbon fiber hood. Then put helium in your tires. Lol. Just kidding. This car is already light. The worst thing is a passenger. Adults can be from 100lbs on up plus a full tank of gas is more weight than anything else you might remove. But keep in mind, too light and you lose traction thus lose exceleration which negates any benefit of less weight. Now am all wheel drive Veloster, that would be interesting.

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