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Thread: 2019 Recall US NHTSA

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    2019 Recall US NHTSA

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    USA recall/service bulletins by VIN: https://autoservice.hyundaiusa.com/campaignhome
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    Has anyone taken their car in for the recall? If so how long did it take?

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    Took my 2019 R Spec in a couple weeks ago for the recall. They replaced the door latch and did an ECM update for the auto high beam assist issue and some sort of programming correction to prevent a false check engine light warning some vehicles were reporting. Took about an hour to complete everything, but it was on a Wednesday when they were not very busy.
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    Took my N in this past weekend for 1st service and recall combined. Not too thrilled w/the Hyundai experience so far told less than 2 hours so no loaner and it was closer to 4- yes they were busy but I had there by 930AM- like 20m earlier than booked. Then they tell my at 5k I'm 2k late for my full synthetic oil change due to Hyundai pre-determining our area(which is bs btw) as severe conditions despite the fact that the car doesn't see any of those specified, won't see winters(my '14 CX-5 handles that) or extreme heat, very little traffic and short trips..I was like huh?

    Oh and this was preceded by a good half hour on the phone with an incompetent talking with this one then that one saying they had to look at it first to see if it actually needs the repair or not..huh? My VIN popped as having a recall and needing the damn repair..order the part..not making 2 trips(even though its pretty close) out of principle! Repair sheet says they did it- I'm honestly skeptical based on all of the above. Going to try another dealer slightly further away next time as I don't trust them any further than I can throw my new Veloster..though I do 'chuck' it into corners quite frequently
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