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Thread: Feedback on a brand

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    Feedback on a brand

    Since my VT has the Sonic Silver paint job with red trim lines I was thinking about getting these wheels. https://www.fitmentindustries.com/bu...-custom-wheels
    But I am not familiar with the brand. Good? Bad? Stay away?
    Hoping someone on the forums might have some experienced feedback to give!

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    Hyundai Veloster

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    never heard of em. probably OK though.
    2012 Boston Red Veloster NA Base Manual BTRcc tuned 167whp / 138wtq SOLD!
    TK.COM CAI/catback - Nameless poly motor mount - BTRcc 89 octane tune

    2014 Vitamin-C Veloster Turbo Base Manual
    K&N panel filter - Nameless poly motor mount - Curt hitch - CF filler cap
    Hawk ceramic pads - PMS torsion bar - UNIQ front strut bar

    2001 Emerald Green Metallic Kia Rio Manual
    Overhauled suspension - H&R springs - 1Gb control arms / torsion rods

    A6D 1.6L DOHC swap complete! - new hubs/knuckles/brakes next.

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    Hyundai Veloster

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