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Thread: 2014 Veloster Turbo (P0234) Overboost?

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    2014 Veloster Turbo (P0234) Overboost?

    I bought a Veloster Turbo back in Feb. of this year, a few days later the engine blew, finally got it back last Thursday, I put a Injen CAI onto the car but for some reason now im getting a Overboost code anytime I actually get onto the gas, I can ease into it at high speeds and it wont throw the car into limp mode, but if I step on it at high speeds you can hear the turbo kinda sputter and then all goes quiet as the car is thrown into limp mode, before I tank it anywhere does anybody have any ideas on WTF is going on? something to do with the wastegate im guessing?

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    welcome to the club! im curious if the vacuum lines are not hooked up properly as well.
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