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Thread: 2019 Turbo Ultimate - Replacement LED Signal Lights

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    Question 2019 Turbo Ultimate - Replacement LED Signal Lights

    I’m attempting to replace the standard incandescent signal bulbs with some LED signal bulbs. I’ve found a great replacement but have the typical hyper-flashing.

    The signal bulb socket is designed as an insert-module without any wire leads so it makes it difficult-to-near-impossible to put any sort of load resistors in line to fix the hyper flashing.

    I’m wondering if anyone has had any success with:
    - finding compatible CAN bus LED bulbs?
    - normal LED bulbs changing the ECU code?
    - finding the wires in the wire bundle to attach the load resistors to?

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    someone correct me if Iam wrong, but I believe a CANBUS bulb will not fix the issue - there is a difference between a canbus system detecting low voltage (bulb out signal), and the light bulb not pulling enough voltage to allow the flasher relay to flash appropriately (the "old" way of getting a bulb out indicator) ... for the Veloster, I do believe that there is no replacement for (electrical) displacement (or in this case, load resistance).
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    Recently installed load resistors on my 2019 veloster turbo front turn signals. It's the green wire(power) and the black wire(ground). Hope that helps if you haven't already figured it out.

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