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Thread: NIA Eyelids

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    NIA Eyelids

    Hey guys,

    So been looking for some eyelids for my silver VT. Can’t fjnd anything. Saw a video with NIA ones and wow those things look amazing, but unfortunately I cannot find them anymore or anywhere for that matter

    Anyone have any recommendations for some silver eye lids?!


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    I got a fairly decent price for a set of Lordpower eyelids for my 2012, haven't put them on yet. I couldn't find anything prepainted in Vitamin C, so I have bought primer, basecoat and clearcoat and will paint my own this spring when I get my tent/spraybooth set up. I'm not sure if I will like the look on the car, but for the price I figured I'd try them, and can always sell if I end up not liking them. Alieexpress had a bunch of different styles for the Veloster, only issue is it takes a month to get them unless you go through DHL
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