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An Introduction to Maximum

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by , 07-15-2012 at 08:30 PM (716 Views)
Hey guys,

Seen others around creating a few blogs here and there and I thought I'd do the same and give everyone and introduction to who I am, why I'm here and what I do!

Basically my name is Cameron and I hail from Queensland in Australia, where I have the pleasure of driving around my current car - a Sunflower (26.2 Yellow for you 'mericans) Veloster Plus in Manual. Despite the fun I've had in this car I will be trading it in for the Turbocharged model when it arrives - I've already singled out the Marmalade (Chameleon Paint) Veloster Turbo in Manual which is due to arrive at my dealership that I work at (more on that a little later) any day now.

I work for a Hyundai dealership as a salesperson in South-East Queensland where I have an excuse to talk about Velosters and convince people that this is the best little coupe that is out there at the moment and most of the time it works!! There was a week at one point that I sold 5 of the little beasties in the one week, it's great fun and even more so when their faces light up when they come to pick them up!!

I have been feverishly waiting for the Turbocharged model to arrive since it showed up in my dealer system and now am down to a matter of days (maybe even hours!!) before we see them roll in the doors where I will take plenty of pictures and a first drive review of my own.

If you ever have any questions relating to the sales of motor vehicles in Australia or even about cars that are coming in (whether being orders or new models) or would like to even buy a Veloster and want to talk to someone who is as keen about the cars as you guys, you can PM me on here or just throw me an email to my work account where I'll do all I can to help you with whatever the problem is.

Cheers guys!

Cameron B -
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  1. AlienPrime's Avatar
    cool stuff nice write-up

    Keep it up to date