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HSD Coilovers are FINALLY HERE!!!!!

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by , 11-25-2011 at 04:43 PM (3501 Views)
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HEllo guys!!
Just want to share the exciting news that the FIRST EVER HSD COILOVER kit has arrived for the Hyundai Veloster
These are the FIRST ever kit to arrive in NORTH AMERICA and possibly worldwide(EXCEPT Korea)
These are by far the BEST coilover system ever manufactured for the Hyundais and are made in KOREA..

These coilovers are the TOP of the line HR series they make and are used for both track and street series applications
The Veloster sets do come with camber plates, and offer a superb level of comfort for on road use compared to most other coilovers on the market.
HR series coilovers are ideal for a weekend track warrior that still needs to get you to work on Monday with a great level of comfort.
The Monotube dampners have a 44mm piston, which offer 15 different settings of stiffness that can easily be adjusted from a single knob.

These Kits will retail for over $1600 plus tax and i will offer these at an introductory rate of $1349 plus tax and shipping

I ONLY have 2 sets of these in my shipment that just arrived and the next batch wont be till 3-4 months

Who wants the FIRST EVER TRUE coilover system avaliable for the Veloster!
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    Do you match competitor pricing?
    Quote Originally Posted by GruneAugen
    Do you match competitor pricing?
    We defently price match but nobody will sell the top of the line series for what im selling for
    im an hsd dealer and the kits i sell are made for North american roads and not Korean

    Please contact me at 416-890.4747 or pm me
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