I had this bracket installed in my MINI so my son could watch DVDs on our portable DVD player. I was originally not going to bother with it in the V since we can play videos on the in-dash screen, but figured since I already had it, might as well put it on. Plus, if he is not watching videos on the in-dash screen, I can still use it for Nav on long trips, music, etc.

Instead of using the DVD player we have (which I hate since it does not remember where it left off when turned off), I figured my Nook Color would fit in there, which it does, woohoo!

The bracket is $7.43 from Monoprice.com, and attaches to the headrest posts. On and off in a minute. BUT, you do have to trim the length on the posts that hold the device in place, or you have sharp edges resting on your seats.

For only $6.53 each when QTY 50+ purchased - DVD, Portrait iPad, and Tablet Mount for Car - Black | DVD | STB Mount Brackets