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Thread: Rims Yo

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    Rims Yo

    Rims! What's a good site to find them guys? I was mainly looking for some gold rims, I know Hyundai has their own set, DeMario had them on his V. Anyway, i'd appreciate if you could link me to a good site like Importshark for some good quality V rims!

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    Junior Member Wolfpacker92's Avatar
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    If I'm not mistaken I think DeMario's were just spray painted.

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    Senior Member MikeRotch's Avatar
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    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    I got mine from tirerack.com
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    Sep 2012
    Thanks guys. Going to see if I can find the gold rims on tirerack.com or a pair of 18's painted for me.

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    Senior Member velogangster's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    try 1010tires.com
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    I will not say I recommend them, although they did everything right minus the delivery, but carid.com has a huge selection. The customer service is shotty at best and you will wait a month but my wheels came with the tires mounted, wheels balanced, and TPSM's installed and programmed cheaper than anywhere else on the interwebs! With that being said, tire rack has an awesome customer service center, just a very limited selection of rims
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