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Thread: 18 months, 6 flats, and 3 cracked rims later...

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    18 months, 6 flats, and 3 cracked rims later...

    So when I bought my first car at the age of 19, I was PUMPED to have such an awesome looking car and so proud of the deal I got. 18 months later, I'm ready to get rid of my '12 Velo. I don't drive recklessly or that fast, I just travel a lot for work (33,000 miles already).

    Within 6 months I had two nails, within a year I had an additional 2 flat tires, and now I am up to my 3rd cracked rim (2 were at the same time) from hitting a pot hole. Thank God I bought the tire and rim insurance because I would be up to about 5,000 dollars in damages.

    Today, I got my 6th (and possibly 7th) flat tire, from going 20 mph on my campus on an uneven road surface.

    My question to you guys is 1) can I sue anyone? haha. 2) Can I replace the low-profile tires with regular ones?

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    1) no

    2) you could always get 16s with a taller profile....
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    I agree with RPW. In addition, maybe keep a better eye out for pot holes. I don't have the best roads where I am and there's a ton of highway construction going on around here. Lots of road hazards. Someone hit a concrete rock a few days ago at highway speed and it shot across the highway from under their tire. If I had been going a little faster it would have nailed my fender and put a huge dent in it. Luckily it was a shot across the bow and no one else was to my left so it landed harmlessly on the other side of the highway.

    Getting a little more rubber between the road and rim would probably provide a better outcome for you, especially with rim breaking pot holes. Those have got to bad pot holes. Even at 15mph they can pop a tire immediately, if it's a big one. Had that happen to me, too. different car, though.

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    Dayum your streets must suck where you live. I haven't had that many flats in my Lifetime...Knock on wood

    1) You need to either pick a new route to work


    2) You need to start avoiding pot holes. You do know that you do not get extra points for hitting the pot holes right?!

    3) I have heard that the Tech rims do bend easy, so maybe you should upgrade to the Style rims? Just a thought

    Anyhow...Good Luck!

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    Hey man you're not the only one so don't feel bad too much. I've had my share on the rims and nails on my tires. I've owned 3 cars before and never had this type of problems. But I guess it happens to all of you sooner or later :/ now I'm just waiting for these stock tires to wore out so I can replace them and maybe hoping or a new rims also bcoz mines had seen better days haha.

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    Hmm... i got my V for 2 years now and so far i got 3 flat tires but i got it coz someone was tripping on my car at my work's parking lot, they always put a U shaped nails and placed it under my tires. my only complain on V is the weak paint coating. Overall i love my V

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    I love my Veloster (I've been calling it Velo for short). I just have a serious issue with the Kumho tires, I just googled the Kumho brand, apparently there was a lawsuit a few years back because someone died because of a faulty tire. In addition to that, numerous complaints and safety concerns about the Kumho tires.

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